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6 Effective Ways to Search and Find Jobs with Facebook

And you thought Facebook was just one giant social networking site that is growing out of proportion. Did you know Facebook has silently transformed into a robust career express and its job searching engines are growing at an alarming rate. Many companies now list jobs on Facebook and also allow candidates to apply via Facebook. It can be a vital social tool that can help you attract attention, connect with multiple professional contacts and land a new job, quicker than you think. Here are some easy, simple things you can do on Facebook every day to find the job you want.

1. ”Like” Companies
Your favorite companies are all on Facebook. Now you can be part of their community and engage with them. “Like” Company Pages and Recruitment Agency Pages to follow news about new job openings. Respond to comments and questions. When a position is open at the company that you want to apply to, write a wall comment on their page and ask who you should email if you have a question. Once you get the email ID, tell the person that you’re interested in the position, and ask for the best way to apply.

2. Connect With Recruiters
Recruiters are looking at Facebook as a talent source and using the site just as much, if not more than you are. Find recruiters in your industry and add them as “friends”. Add a personalized message with your request and explain why you’re adding them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of recruiters who will accept your request.

3. Create a ‘Job-Ready’ Business Page
Did you know Facebook business pages are searchable on Google. Go ahead and create a “pick me” Facebook business page. If you do it right, it will help you gain targeted exposure to your dream/target companies.

4. Post Intelligent Updates
There is no harm in sharing a couple of job search related status updates per week, as long as you don’t spam your target groups. Your updates can be direct links to your online resume or your Linkedin profile, or you many even post just a simple “I’m looking for a job” update.

5. Use Job Search Apps
More and more Facebook apps are being developed for networking and the job search. Some of the big apps are BeKnown, BranchOut, Hire My Friend and InCircle. Use these job searching apps on Facebook.

6. Use Facebook Graph Search
Use this brilliant tool to ‘friend’ former employers, coworkers, college friends and others. Keeping your network wide can work in your favour. You never know who might post a status about a job opening. Similarly, you can join alumni groups, job searching groups, and any common interest group that might post job openings.

Lastly, an equal number of tips to clean up your Facebook page and put your best foot forward.

1. Posts: Keep your Facebook pages clean of embarrassing content, pictures and videos. Before posting anything on Facebook, consider if it is anything that would make your future employer reconsider you as a candidate.

2. Wall Comments: Keep Wall Comments in check, make sure that your Facebook wall is free of any comments that don’t feature you in a positive light.

3. Likes & Interests: Be selective when you respond to requests and keep your ‘Likes’ as neutral as possible and you will not offend anyone.

4. Profile Picture: Post a suitable profile picture. It needn’t be a boring headshot, you can keep it casual but make sure it isn’t inoffensive.

5. Photo Albums: A picture tells a thousand words. Watch out. You will be judged by whatever you’re putting out there. When in doubt, delete the photo.

6. Religion/Politics: Don’t risk raising unnecessary red flags by sharing your views on topics, discussions, images and anything related to religion and politics. It is better to curb the temptation and leave it blank.

Facebook can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Don’t give recruiters and hiring managers the option to dig for dirt online. Stay on top of your personal brand, control the information you put out there and give them every reason to like you, recommend you and hire you.