10 Smart Email Etiquette Tips – Say it right! Email with Confidence!

Email with confidence

10 Smart Email Etiquette Tips for the Job Seeker

By Murali Murthy

Today, e-mail has become an integral part of our lives. In spite of the influx of social media, e-mail is still the primary form of communication and it is also the most prominent way to catch the attention of recruiters, HR Professionals and potential employers. Indeed, they too prefer communicating through e-mails, rather than the phone as it’s easier that way to keep a digital record of conversations and contacts.

So, here are a few tips to follow to present yourself professionally by practicing simple rules of e-mail etiquette.

1. Start by setting up a professional, career-focused e-mail account.
Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo are just a few of the many free web-based e-mail accounts that you can use. It makes sense to set up an e-mail account just for the job search, so your professional e-mail doesn’t get mixed in with your personal mail. You can make sure to keep your address professional by listing your full name and possibly including numbers if your name is more common as in: sarah.jones@gmail.com or sarah-jones20@gmail.com.

2. Keep messages short and sweet.
Understand the power of less. By keeping your e-mail short, you actually say more about yourself. Getting rid of jargon and getting to the point quickly, makes the message simple to read. This is especially true these days as e-mails are also read on mobile phone screens rather than the laptop or the desktop PCs alone.

3. Lead people gently to decisive action.
Aim to make each e-mail an action-oriented piece. Make sure each e-mail ends with a clear
call-to -action, so the reader knows and does exactly what you want them to do after reading it.
For instance, your e-mail could conclude with statements like: “To learn more, please visit my portfolio website at www.firstnamelastname@wix.com” or “I thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to call me at 416 xxx xxxx or let me know an ideal time to contact you sometime next week”.

4. Spell-check, then check again for grammar and punctuation too.
Use proper spelling, punctuation and grammar while crafting your communication as this can establish or affect your credibility. Also, remember to use your browser’s tools to check your grammar and spelling in the e-mail. These days, even your tablet or mobile phone offers the auto correct option.


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