Get Ready to Compete with Generation Z – The Most Ambitious Generation in History.


GENERATION Z, born between 1993 and 2010, is already making inroads into the labour market and will soon enter the workforce in astounding numbers.

In the coming years, they will bring new expectations to the professional world with their entrepreneurial values and innovative ideas.

This transition will fundamentally shape the world of work, and as a result, recruitment practices will change in a profound way.

Employers are adapting to a world adapting to Gen Z.

Gen Z will bring to the workforce a new mindset and different expectations. Because of their entrepreneurial spirit and multitasking skills, companies too are finding new ways to attract them.


  • PHIGITAL — The line between the Physical and Digital worlds for Gen Z hasn’t just been blurred; it’s been completely eliminated.
  • FOMO — [Fear Of Missing Out] Gen Zs suffer from an intense fear of missing out on anything. They stay on top of all trends – and worry they’re not moving ahead fast enough.
  • WE-CONOMISTS — From Uber to Airbnb, Gen Zs have only known a world with a shared economy. They push to break down internal and external silos like never before.
  • SCREENEGERS Gen Zs are the first true “Mobile Natives” constantly connected to social media, adapting well to changing technology and continuous information overload.
  • DIY— Gen Z is the ultimate ‘YouTube-Driven” Do-It-Yourself Generation. Its fierce, independent nature will spur more autonomy and more collaborative cultures.

“Gen-Z is all about out-of-the-box thinking and using multiple channels to find solutions. They have been brought up with access to everything through the touch of a fingertip and it’s because of this that they won’t feel the need to wait directions.”   – FINANCIAL POST

“Gen-Z are the most connected, educated and sophisticated generation in history. They don’t just represent the future, they are creating it.” – MCCRINDLE RESEARCH 

So, how do you stay competitive with the new kids on the block?


Exhibit a streak of self-starting, entrepreneurial skills. Early research suggests that Generation Z is more pragmatic, and more entrepreneurial than their millennial counterparts. One notable trend in the last couple of years is their desire for stability aligned with innovation. More than 50% of Gen Z want to start their own company.


Gen Z is used to showing their teachers and parents how to use technology and working on group projects. They are also far more into face-to-face communication, even if it’s via Facetime, Google Hangouts or Facebook video chat. As a new immigrant or anyone entering the workforce of the 21st century, it is prudent to be independent, pragmatic and inclined for more face-to-face interactions.


This goes without saying. If you wish to compete with smart and capable Gen Z employees, you need to get tech savvy on a war footing. 83% of Gen Z are open to being contacted by companies via social channels, according to employer branding research company Universum. Many companies from Goldman Sachs to Taco Bell are now using SnapChat to get in front of their target audiences and connect. Just a year ago, Instagram was the in-thing and before that, recruiting leaders were using Facebook and Twitter to reach out to candidates.


When a Gen X or a millennial wants to look something up, we head to the desktop on the main floor of the house, or grab our laptop. Today’s Gen Z downloads their homework to their phone, uses the calculator there, and accesses courses their teacher recommends via email. All on their smart phones. While all this seems like stuff to put off for another day, the time to start testing these strategies is now. Gen Z may already be in the seat next to you waiting for the interview call.

Take the time to learn about this incoming generation and what separates them from their older counterparts. And then start crafting your competitive edge for the workforce of tomorrow.