8 Effective Ways to Master the Video Interview









Hone Your Skills and Impress Them In Front of a Camera.

It’s more commonplace these days for companies to prefer video interviews with candidates. More and more organizations are using video services like Skype, Google Hangouts, and Join.Me to interview job candidates and for regular business meetings. This allows them to save time and screen candidates faster vs. bringing them in for a face to face interview.

Now, in addition to all the normal preparation for in-person interviews, you also must prepare for being on camera, which has its own etiquette and pitfalls. Doing well in video interviews will take some extra effort and understanding of the platform.

Here are 8 important suggestions and tips to hone your skills and impress them in front of a camera.

1. Be Comfortable. 
Pick the device you are at ease with. It could be your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone. If you’re unsure, do some mock interviews beforehand to check each out.

> To avoid technical difficulties on the day of the interview, make sure that you set up the device beforehand.
> When the interview is over, make sure you end the call.

2. Be Focused.
Frame your face so you make direct eye contact. Check your image on the desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Ensure that your face is centered on the screen with a straight sight line between your eyes and the camera.

> Look directly into the camera, not the screen, as you talk.
> When others talk, it’s fine to look at them on your screen.
> Move your video chat window near your camera on your computer so you can look at both together.

3. Be Calm.  
Select a simple, quiet and static setting and avoid all distractions.

> Make sure the desk in front of you or behind is organized.
> If sitting in an open area, ensure there is no movement around.
> Typing during the meeting could be disruptive so it is better to keep a paper handy to jot down notes.

4. Be Bright.
Set up a bright scene with good, plentiful lighting. This can be more important than you realize. You can even test your set up with someone before the video interview.

> Put adequate lights in front of you to brighten your face.
> Also, put extra lights behind you for back lighting to avoid a flattened look or dark shadows behind your head.

5. Be Sharp.
Always dress for success. Take the time to dress as if you were attending in person.

> Wear clothes or suits in solid colours and avoid busy designs and patterns.
> Minimize accessories and portray a natural look that stays consistent to the company culture.
> Dress appropriately and professionally from head to toe. Don’t make the mistake of only dressing waist up.

6. Be Brief. 
Stay to the point, speak in a conversational voice and try to have a conversation as you would in an in-person interview. Keep in mind that you need to get both right in a video interview – how you look and what you say.

> Timing is everything. Avoid talking over your interviewer especially if there’s a slight time lag between you because of the online connection.
> Wait until you’re sure they have finished speaking. And take it slowly don’t hurry out the words.

7. Be Relaxed. 
If you aren’t used to being on camera, it can be a little overwhelming in the beginning, so just stay relaxed. Nothing can be more endearing and engaging that watching a person speak honestly and authentically about what he or she is passionate about.

> If you are in a group interview, just focus on the one person interviewing you.
> If you find it overwhelming, don’t hesitate to ask for a time out – yourself with a case of serious nerves, take a moment and ask for a break to collect yourself.

8. Be Yourself. 

It’s OK if you slip up, don’t let one mistake throw you off. If you started off responding to an interview question and would like to correct yourself, do so and re-state your answer. They will appreciate your honesty and willingness to admit your error.

> Do your research. And practice often. Feeling assured on-screen will need practice.
> Switch on your camera and watch yourself talk the talk.
> Have a glass of water ready – Speaking is thirsty work.
> Be yourself – Who else are you going to be?

In conclusion, video interviews are a great way to showcase your skills and your personality without leaving home. Plus, it is now trendy for hiring managers to prefer video interviews to screen candidates so go ahead, make the trend your friend.