WOW Them with a Value Proposition Letter










The Secret Weapon in a Winning Candidate’s Arsenal.

Q: How can you outshine the competition in a crowded job marketplace?
A; Bring something to the table that the others’ can’t.

Enter the Value Proposition Letter. The personal value proposition document is a well-crafted note that defines what makes you unique, highlights your skills and demonstrates how you can add value to the organization.

If you are confused between a Cover Letter and a Value Proposition Letter, remember that the former talks about what you achieved in the past while the latter highlights your skills as the ideal solution to a company’s problem.

According to, “Remember that cover letters discuss your past achievements, while proposition letters focus on the values and benefits that you could bring to the company if you were hired. Keep in mind that there are also instances when a combination of the two letters may be appropriate.”

When you take a Value Proposition Letter along with your resume or mail it to the hiring manager prior to your interview, it quickly sets you apart from the crowd, even before the interview begins. Here is a step by step guide to construct a strong value proposition letter.

Attract immediate attention. Begin with a question or power statement that helps you create engagement and connect effectively. For instance, “Can I help your team…, “Do you need….”, “Would you like to increase…”, or “Are you looking for a way to boost …?”

Quantify your expertise. Help employers visualize the tangible results they will get by hiring you. A great way to demonstrate how you can add value to a company is to include a numerical value that offers concrete evidence of your skills and accomplishments.

Focus on the Now. While a resume focuses on what you did in the past, a value proposition letter tells the reader what you can do right now, and hence is always written in the present tense.

Customize your proposition. Be sure to individualize your value proposition letter to fit the particular job position. Ensure that the document letter addresses what the particular organization needs, and how you can fulfill that need.

Be a problem solver. Tell them how you can address their challenges help by introducing yourself as a valuable asset. “As an accomplished Project Manager, I can transform under-performing teams to high productivity sales leaders.”

Prove it. First list down all your key skills, experiences, and accomplishments that make you a unique candidate. From this list, select a few key skills that best relate to your target position. Now share three bullet points that back up your claim. List how you can enhance productivity, streamline processes, reduce costs etc.

Stay concise. You are writing for attention, so use short sentences, bold a key word or two to draw attention, be conversational and build credibility As much as possible, use bullet points to highlight three or four key reasons why you are an ideal fit. And include a link to your online profile, be it a blog, LinkedIn Profile or any other URL to access more information about you.

End with a CTA or OTH (Call to Action or Offer to Help).

Nothing appeals like a closing statement that says..”How can I help you? or To Find out more on how I can help you accomplish…., contact…..” Close strongly.

In summary, your Value Proposition:

  • Targets a challenge that the company is facing.
  • Provides credible proof that you can help tackle the challenge.
  • Uses specific numerical facts for instant credibility.
  • Converses in a brief, concise manner.
  • Leads them to your URL that further highlights your unique strengths.