Lights. Camera. YouTube. Cruise to Job Victory on the World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine.

Insight #1: Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, after Google? And the fact that Google owns YouTube?

Insight # 2: Sure, many people still associate YouTube with cute puppy videos, movie trailers and music videos. And while this is all true, did you know YouTube can also be an excellent resource while looking for a job?

Yes, using video as a recruitment tool is gaining big momentum in the HR industry.  Recruiters and hiring managers are increasingly using employment videos to tell their story and recruit, hire, and source candidates for an array of positions. And that explains why even popular sites like  have dedicated YouTube pages for job search and career development.

Not only can you surf lots of “how to” videos on job search and even view virtual interviews, you can use YouTube to promote yourself in interesting ways.

Build Your Professional Brand with a Visual Resume. 
Personal branding is key to developing your career and YouTube is the perfect tool to help you build your brand. You can now post a video of yourself to convey your knowledge and passion for the position. This also lets you demonstrate both your soft, transferable skills and core technical skills in one shot.

Set up an Exclusive YouTube Channel. 
Consider creating a new Google account to set up a professional YouTube channel that can be exclusive to your job search. This can now be an additional asset to let prospective employers understand your value and your brand. Then share a few brief videos that show you highlighting your skills and familiarity with your chosen occupation and industry.

Build a YouTube Network. 
By curating and sharing interesting content, you can soon build an exclusive network on YouTube. You can also link to videos by experts in your field, add comments and share the impression they’ve made on you. This helps future employers see your involvement and enthusiasm.

YouTube  is specially a boon for people in creative and technology fields or for candidates with friends in those fields – you can leverage its strengths well.  Make use of the site’s built-in production tools by adding effects, inserting links or adding a soundtrack. This proves you know how to do the things your dream job requires.

Once you create your channel, link to it from your resume, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page and any other relevant media or marketing material you use for yourself in your search.

Final Tips

  • YouTube is a simple, quick way to get yourself seen.
  • Fancy film work and high tech cameras aren’t key to success.
  • Recruiters hire people, not two stapled pieces of paper. If they see you in action, they will be more likely to want to connect with you.
  • Keep your videos to a max of one or two minutes.
  • Use HD settings and make sure the lighting reflects you well.
  • Shoot as many takes as necessary; edit ruthlessly using YouTube’s built-in tools.
  • Look and dress professional, have a professional backdrop, practice with a friend first, and make the video conversational, yet professional.

Insight # 3: If Justin, so can you. 
Yes, one of the most famous YouTube discoveries is Justin Bieber!  It all started when Bieber posted homemade videos of himself singing. He quickly garnered interest and created a buzz as the views jumped from hundreds to thousands. And it was only a matter of time before he was discovered by his now manager, Scooter Braun, and introduced to Usher.


So if Justin can, why can’t you?