The Rise and Rise of Mobile Recruiting.

8 amazing tips to use your smart phone to get hired on the go.

Rapidly changing technology is impacting our lives everywhere. In the age of the millennials, tablets and smartphones have now taken over our daily lives.  Not to be left behind, the job-search process too has evolved from Print Ads to online postings to mobile recruiting.

Yes, mobile job search and hiring are the in-thing now and will continue to grow given the fact that by 2020, millennials will compose 40 percent of the workforce. In fact, currently more than 90% of hiring managers and job seekers use their mobile phones at some point of the recruiting cycle. As mobile surpasses desktop, hiring managers expect candidates also to keep pace.

Here’s what organizations are doing.

Many companies now offer branded, mobile-optimized career sites that match their overall web theme. Some have even created customized mobile apps for job search.

With talent on the move, companies are keeping it simple with a ‘one-click’ apply option. They have made sure that all links are easy to follow with a functional search facility, concise job descriptions and the option to apply using a LinkedIn profile without the need for cover letters or resumes.

Automated text messages have become an instant and effective way of leveraging the benefits of mobile technology by acknowledging applications, updating candidates on their progress and scheduling interviews.

Many companies add a personal touch by sending reminders to candidates on the day of their interview and confirming the time and names of the hiring panel.

Some are providing relevant mobile optimized content with optimized emails, and job postings for mobile interfaces.

A few companies have even gone a step ahead and are offering relevant and regular updates on developments and careers within their company. This not only helps them grab the attention of talent but targets the concerns of their prospective candidates by addressing topics such as culture, leadership and individual career development opportunities.

Here’s how you can adapt:

1: Keep pace with advancing technology. As mobile technology advances and becomes more popular, recruiters expect candidates to complete every stage of the process, from the search to the application through their smart phones and tablets. Make sure you stay updated with all developments. As with everything else, trial and error processes can make you an expert in no time.

2: Visit renowned online job boards. Craigslist, Monster, SimplyHired and many others have created mobile portals and apps for recruiters and job seekers to be involved in the hiring process anytime and anywhere they want.

3: Download some of the leading Android & iOS apps. These include Indeed, Intro, LinkUp, Simply Hired, Switch, Snagajob, Monster and of course LinkedIn that help you to track job listings and apply through your device.

4: Identify opportunities on the go. Start by browsing the career sections of company websites. Many of the sites have been redesigned and formatted to be easily browsed on the go with a mobile device.

5: Develop a short form resume. You can create an abridged version of your resume that just touches on career highlights and can be easily scanned and just. Your primary purpose is to generate interest. You can also use a document format that can be easily opened.

6: Update social media profiles. You can adjust your social media profile with all the basic information an employer will want to know. Although you may gain the interest of employers with a brief mobile friendly resume, they will still want to know your qualifications and history.

7: One click application.  Master the art of applying for job positions in one click that can be accomplished in a minute or so from a mobile device. Many companies have created simplified applications that job seekers can easily complete from their devices without getting frustrated. Others are enabling candidates to use their LinkedIn or other social profiles to complete sections of the application.

8: Follow-up with ease. Beyond applying and setting up the first interview, you can also display your mobile mastery by scheduling second interviews and follow-up meetings using e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp and other tools.

The rise of mobile recruiting has everything to do with convenience and immediacy. Go ahead – embrace the power of mobile and enhance your job search with speed, convenience and on-the-go access.